BoxCast: A TV Station-in-a-Box to Live Stream Your Events

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Gordon Daily, Co-Founder & CEO, BoxCastGordon Daily, Co-Founder & CEO
How often does the hectic office work and severe city traffic preclude you from attending your child’s high school basketball game or class play? You’re not alone. Sure, your spouse would have captured the proceedings on a mobile device and shared the same at the supper table, but is that condensed video footage a viable alternative to a real-time experience? The answer is a resounding no.

BoxCast, a live video streaming solution built specifically for organizations, allows you to reach your viewers wherever they are. By means of a cloud transcoder, BoxCast enables organizations to broadcast their events to their respective websites, Facebook Live, Youtube, Periscope,, and the BoxCast App for AppleTV and Roku, among other platforms. Since BoxCast’s cloud transcoder is faster and more compatible across multiple platforms, regardless of network speed, location, or device, organizations can simply focus on delivering a great experience for their viewers, instead of worrying about the technical nitty-gritty.

While other video streaming services depend on third-party hardware and software, BoxCast builds its entire IT infrastructure from scratch, giving organizations unprecedented levels of compatibility. The BoxCast platform can consolidate your organization’s videos from multiple sources—including any video mixer or camera plugged into the BoxCaster (BoxCast’s encoder that allows organizations to broadcast using the BoxCast platform) or any encoder that supports RTMP.

What really excites us is watching our customers leverage our technology in ways we could have never imagined

With BoxCast, organizations can schedule their broadcast ahead of time and enjoy perfectly-sized picture on any device of their choice.

Besides providing live streaming solutions tailored for churches, events, municipalities, and enterprises, BoxCast takes pride in its ability to broadcast local sporting events. With a different streaming solution for each sporting level—high school, college and professional—the BoxCast platform engages fans, students, parents, and alumni when they stream their games online. The BoxCast also possesses the capability to overlay scorecard visuals on the cloud.

The Union College Department of Athletics recently announced a broadcasting partnership with BoxCast to provide its fans a new and exciting way to watch their favorite teams. As part of the partnership, BoxCast will provide free HD video streams for Union College’s Division III sports. The live coverage will also include audio commentary for all football games and other sports.

Gordon Daily, the CEO & co-founder of BoxCast, and his colleagues were moonlighting as web developers for Rockwell Automation when a funeral home director in Cleveland asked them to build a video solution, so families who couldn’t attend their loved one’s funeral could participate remotely. Daily and his team knew they were onto something special. In 2013, they staged a collective walkout from Rockwell Automation and shifted their focus to BoxCast. “Our team developed a fully-automated, simple and reliable device that turns any camera into a video-streaming platform. If an organization could just connect its onsite camera with our pocket-sized, plug-and-play box, we could get the video to show up on their website. A light bulb went off—we realized we created a TV station-in-a-box,” says Daily.

A recent partnership with Telestream notwithstanding, Daily & Co. aspire to achieve greater heights in the near future. “We’re thrilled with the growth we’ve seen since our launch but we’ve only scratched the surface. Our product is a game-changer. What really excites us is watching our customers leverage our technology in ways we could have never imagined,” he concludes. A 14-Day Free Trial of BoxCast is now available!