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Yossi Tarablus, Director of Marketing, PixellotYossi Tarablus, Director of Marketing
Live broadcasting has forever been a forte reserved for professional sports. The poor video quality, production expenses, and the lack of broadcasting space result in many semi-professional and amateur sports not being telecasted on TV. Pixellot has realized this dream for all sports organizations by offering a solution that captures a panoramic view of the entire sports ground and then simulates a camera operator that follows the action and produces a TV-like experience—complete with a game clock, scoreboard, commentary, advertising, and all other paraphernalia. The company primarily focuses on broadcasting the lower tiers of popular sports, women’s sports, youth sports, and other niche sports that usually do not get their space on TV.

Pixellot is a fully automatic end-to-end solution with a multiple camera device that captures the entire field in an 8k panoramic view. “We are producing the game as if someone is actually filming it,” says Yossi Tarablus, Director of Marketing at Pixellot. Pixellot has developed specific algorithms to cater to twelve different sports such as soccer, basketball, American football, hockey, volleyball, and a few other popular sports. These advanced auto-production algorithms track the flow of play, identify highlights, updates the score and game clock, and insert ads without manual intervention to produce a TV-like experience. “We are not following the famous players like Messi, Ronaldo and LeBron, we follow the important players such as your son, niece, or daughter who matter to you the most and this is how we are revolutionizing the market,” adds Tarablus. Since it has been specially designed for working in the amateur and semi-professional leagues, the device can produce a decent level of broadcast even in limited bandwidth and lighting conditions. Additionally, the software automatically generates a 12-18 minute highlights video of the game that can be shared on social media or to other media houses.
Pixellot boasts of a customer base that covers sports leagues, federations, right holders, production companies, and entrepreneurs. The company is working in tandem with PlayOn! Sports, an Atlanta-based high school sports media company, who have established a partnership with the National Federation of High School Sports called the NFHS Network. “With Pixellot, schools that used to produce between 1-3 games every month now produce 20-30 games every month because they are scheduling the entire season remotely and very easily,” adds Tarablus. Athletic directors have been delighted with Pixellot since they can now share the videos with the entire community of viewers as well.

We’re not following the famous players like Messi, Ronaldo and LeBron, we follow the important players such as your son, niece, or daughter who matter to you the most and this is how we are revolutionizing the market

Besides broadcasting, the company also offers a coaching solution with advanced editing tools and a tactical mode that provides a birds-eye-view of the playing field while also following the formation of the teams. This can help them identify what the players are doing right or wrong and use this information during a live match. This product can also be used in the training sessions to understand how the different training sessions are progressing. “It is a big advantage for players since they can immediately view themselves after practice,” adds Tarablus. This is one of the critical reasons why elite clubs in the leading leagues of today such as La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 have deployed Pixellot and are analyzing both matches and training sessions.

Pixellot is currently growing in key markets across Western Europe, North America, and South America, while also expanding to newer pastures such as Japan and China. “We always work with local partners that either have the rights or are doing sports production and can understand the potential in the youth sports, women’s sports, niche sports, and lower leagues as well,” adds Tarablus. On the technological forefront, they look to include more AI-based levels of engagement which would offer personalized highlights to the players while also developing more algorithms to include newer sports. “There are no small sports events. Every sports event is big for someone. Our goal is to make even the small sports events big,” concludes Tarablus.

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FREMONT, CA: Sports Broadcasting has often been held back by the mediocre production quality which has resulted in higher costs, passable video clarity, and lack of broadcasting space. However, Pixellot is set to resolve this with the help of FloSports. Its artificial intelligence (AI) solution will offer a panoramic view of the sports ground by simulating the movement of the camera operator. The partnership between Pixellot and FloSports will facilitate AI automation for over 700 games live on FloHoops. It will include a game clock, scoreboard, commentary, advertising, and much more.
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