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15 Most Promising Sports Tech Startups - 2019

The rapid adoption of latest technologies is changing the realm of sports industry by enhancing spectator experience with never seen insights into the game. These organizations are able to provide in-depth statistics of games and players by leveraging historical data. Such statistics not only allow teams to compare their performances but also help them determine what to do next. Sports teams are using machine learning (ML) models to analyze plethora of data that they gather from wearable devices to prevent injuries and improve the performance of their players.

Today, endorsement of technology has revamped the decision-making process in various games as referees and umpires are now able to review events precisely. This has advanced games and helped in keeping it fair by eliminating human errors drastically. To further improve the decision-making process of coaches, some companies are also trying to collect real-time data of players during the game through RFID tags, which could assist coaches in making informed decisions during live matches.

Sportsman data collection through technology integration both while training sessions and live games has empowered sports organizations to analyze performance of sportspersons. Moreover, it gives the ability to identify the variables that are impacting their performance in games. The increased use of technology is also leading to track the work rate of athletes such that they can avoid overload, thereby, helping them in reducing the risk of overtraining related injuries.

Advancement of technology like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are taking sports to new heights by providing fans immersive experiences of games. It has the potential to enable broadcasters to facilitate unique live experiences of smart stadiums. Content distribution through over-the-top streaming has already made it easier to watch games through portable devices. Although such direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel has been replacing the traditional approach, it still lags due to negative effects of latency. Therefore, solving it would be one of the industry trends in 2019.

As technology continues to progress, several new developments are expected to emerge in 2019. Thus, sports teams need to stay abreast with such trend to gain competitive advantage and outperform their opponents. To assist organizations for the same, sports tech startup are developing products to collect relevant data and providing meaningful insights into it. With sports tech startup, athletes and sports teams alike are succeeding in improving their performance and making the game more engaging.

This edition of Startup City presents to you, 15 most promising Sports Tech Startups 2019, featuring solution providers who are radically transforming the field of sports. Over the past few months, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and the editorial team of CIOReview have reviewed companies in the Sports Technology sector and have shortlisted the forerunners who are meeting the challenges of the industry head-on.

We present to you, “15 Most Promising Sports Tech Startups – 2019.”

    Most Promising Sports Tech Startups

  • A sports tech startup that provides an end-to-end live video streaming platform for organizations involved with every level of sports—Youth, High School, College and Professional


  • A sports tech startup that maximizes the power of AI, clinical science, and sports medicine data, to deliver “actionable insights” to athletes, coaches, and trainers


  • FanThreeSixty offers data-driven solution by creating 360-degree of the fan leading to synergized fan experience


  • Ideas Lab works and partners with a broad range of clients to develop artificial intelligence solutions, specifically in the area of motion analysis in order to understand how people move, perform and play


  • Focuses on broadcasting the lower tiers of popular sports and other niche sports that usually do not get their space on TV


  • BDB


    Employs data analytics and BI platform to explore sports data which reveals decisive sports insights

  • DashTag


    Helps soccer players to track individual progress via stats with the help of dash

  • Fit Tech Wearables

    Fit Tech Wearables

    FTW provides high performance athletes and coaches a medium to visualize full body kinematics in real time using wearable sensors

  • Force Impact Technologies

    Force Impact Technologies

    Offers mobile application software that allows parents, coaches and leagues to perform concussion protocols on athletes

  • ShotTracker


    Provides real-time basketball statisics during practice and games using sensor based technology

  • Stack Sports

    Stack Sports

    Provides an integrated technology platform for national governing bodies, youth sports leagues, clubs and associations, parents, coaches and athletes



    A sports tech startup that develops virtual reality training software for athletes to replicate real practice reps without being on the field or court



    VICIS designs and manufactures football helmets that reduces linear and rotational impact force

  • Volt Athletics

    Volt Athletics

    Volt Athletics provides hyper-personalized workouts to athletes by combining advanced technology with world-class expertise

  • Zepp Labs

    Zepp Labs

    The company offers Zepp Sensor that captures, measures, and analyzes swing in three dimensions and records various data points per second